Fin help/advice on Mini LB/Egg....thing...

Hey all,

Need some help/opinions on finning this board. I want it to be single and was thinking of the rainbow TK flex fin, but what length?? 9"-8" 7" or even 6" I think I saw that on there site.Box 3-4" up from the tail? The board is 6’8" x18"x21" x14" just templated/cut out at this point. Low rocker 2-3" nose and a 1-1/2" tail. I am going with soft rails firming at the tail. Bottom ,trying to keep it simple(for my own lack of shaping skills…) slight roll at the nose going flat to a slight vee off the tail. I would like to get on the nose on occasion…so any ideas to help with that? Thanks for any help or ideas…

Nice outline…As far as fins go, if it was my board I wouldnt go bigger than a 9" or shorter than an 8". I too am looking for a fin for a 7 foot sort of retro roundpin I just got back from the glasser. The tail on that board is a bit narrower than yours, a little over 13" so I’m thinking somewhere around 8". Good luck with your shape.


I weigh about 150 lbs, I’d go with a 7.5 or 8 inch deep fin on that board (with a 14 inch tail). But only if you forced me to use one of those retro FIXED fin systems. Front edge of the fin within 1/2 inch of 12 inches up from the tail.

TK Flex, Bio Flex, Norm Flex, Rhythm Tracker, Karma Flex, just depends on how much flex you want and how much rake…

8" Wilderness template from True Aames

9" L-Flex from True Aames

Hey Oceans23,

I think 8.0" is right in there. You have a very wide nose on the board so you want to keep the rocker pretty relaxed up there or you’ll be pushing water. Some where around 4.0" ought to be pretty close to what you want. Tail rocker 2.25" or there abouts should be fine. This board looks like a flat bottom with a very sligh tail vee will serve it well. As you soften the rails up the board will grip the wave face better and I think you be wise to use a fairly neurtal rail configuration in the mid section.

The fin is how you’ll tune the board so put a fin box in it and make sure you get it far enough back so you can drive the board well. About 4.0" from the tail give or take a little should be fine. Fins that don’t flex give more drive but ones that do give a board like this a very nice feel. More tip area is good for nose riding but it slows down rail to rail transition. There are a lot of templates out there and as a result choosing can be very tuff. You could do a lot worse than a TK Flex. I have my favorites of course. Attached is one more option that will facilitate rail transition.

It was made for a board similar to yours. Remember more tip area will slow this down. A board like the one outlined will be pretty stable up on the nose because off the realitive width up front. You’ll want a fin that will make the board lively. Try a few different ones and see where they lead you.

Back to the fin shop, Rich

Put a 10" box in it…you’ll be surprized where some fins work best.

Thanks for the tips and help so far.So at least 8" of fin with a 10" box for adjustability,sounds like a good start. Rich,that is a cool looking fin,where can I see more of your fins? Do you have a site? Any more ideas?? Thanks for the help/info/ideas so far. Can’t wait to get this board in the water…

Hey Ocean23,

Just email me at

I’ll be glad to share templates and photos of my work.

Another single is attached, (bottlenose template) that’s more of a power fin. I have lots of templates of my own to choose from and am willing to make a fin of any template or color you fancy.

Mahalo, Rich