Fin I.D. please

Just wanting to know what type of fin this and where it may be from?
I pulled it out of an old single fin I’m repairing and I’ve never seen one like it before
It was glassed into a hole in the board where there appears to have previously been a finbox
It came out of an Australian board btw.

I reckon it’s a normal fin that’s been worn down by lots of sand dragging.

Yeah I think it’s been ground down one way or another but that wedge shaped base isn’t like a normal fin

Its a Waveset fin.

My guess
W.A.V.E. SET Greeno stage 3
Image added 3/19

Australia had their own version of Waveset type fins called “Safeset”. You can tell one from the other by measuring the base. Safeset boxes are shorter than Wavesets. The fin shape is anyone’s guess. Does not look like a Greenough, even if it was ground down.
Let me grab a Waveset and measure the base. then you’ll know which it is.

Thanks gents.
It’s only the tip that’s been ground down because you can see a ridge from the mould on the rest of it. There’s no name or markings on it so I think Sammy is correct that it’s a Safeset. I found a shot of a waveset on the net and the brand name was moulded into the base. Never seen one before so I guess they weren’t too popular here

Hell, I thought I replied with that measurement…guess not.
My Waveset fins and boxes are roughly 11 inches long. None of my Waveset fins have a label, but the boxes do.
If the base of your fin is not 11" it must be a Safeset. Australian made.

ok thanks, Sammy. At a tad under 11 inches I best call it a waveset