...Fin Idea... *PIC*

…I tried to mimic with wood, the glass rope bead that is associated with a glass on fin… …The tip has medium flex… …Nothing completely original here… …Greenough did it before… …Smooth water flow is the goal… Paul http://www.hollowsurfboards.com

Paul-I LIKE it!!!

that’s beautiful, when you refer to the glass rope, are you talking about the base of the fin? i couldn’t tell from the picture but your base may be a little thicker. back in the late 70’s, i had one of those fins unlimited plastic (lexan i believe) fins with the real thick base which we were told allowed for better water flow due to the thicker foil. worked great until, being plastic, it snapped off clean at the box. it’s probably washed up and under some palapa in mex now.