Fin ideas on an 8'8" "long" board

i’m shaping an 8-8 mini longboard and want to use a single fin set up… an ideas on fin size? is the whole single fin idea a bad one? also i was going with a squash tail but may opt for a swallow any ideas on tail shape? any input is greatley appreciated thanks jg

double winger swallow. made one for myself this past summer. however, i did use a standard thruster setup. crazy rocker in the tail.

I use a True Ames 9.5" Greenough 4C in my 8’0 Ricky Carroll mini-longboard. Very fast with medium flex in the tip for good projection out of bottom turns. Holds well on the nose also. The printed catalog states the fin will work well with boards up to 9’6". here’s a photo of me on that set-up at home in Long Beach, New York during one of the recent swells we’ve been having…

…the fin really gives you drive down the line, as well. But it is very easy to stall for the tube, and it is loose enough to enable you to cut back quickly.

i was just wondering if you had seen any SWAMI’S surfboards out and about in your area (ny) ive sent a few over that way in the last couple years, dave

Dave: I’ll let you know if I see any. What kind of shapes are we talking about?