Fin Identification (Updated with pictures)

I got this 9ft Mizell longboard in trade for fixing a guys board.  It’s made of wood or wood paneling anyway with really funky leopard print rails.  Kind of an older board but I have completly brought it back to life and I need help finding a center fin for it. (and maybe a zebra print wetsuit for my girlfriend…he he).

The inside of the fin box is 5 1/2 inches long and it’s best described as your standard Future fin box for a short board but reversed.  The bar in the fin box (which a notch in the fin base fits around) is in the front closest to the nose and the angled hex screw is on the tail side.

Can anybody ID the fin?  Much appreciated.

Sean in OB

It is easier to identify an object if it can be seen. Do you own a camera?

Sorry here are a couple photos. Keep in mind…the screw is closest to the tail.


is it just me or  are you trying to get people to identify the  fin by showing a pic of a finbox??? could be tricky I’m sure some one here will know the make and age of the box how ever

That is correct.  I don’t have a fin for it at all so the box is all I have to go on.