Fin Jam

I just got a new cutaway fin to try in my shorter 2+1 and the fin isnt fitting in real well. When i put it in the box, it does not go even close to all the way down, nor does it slide forward and backwards in the box. The fin that was in there, without sidebites, was a karma and it fit fine. This fin is a futures and just seems to big to fit. Is there some other box that futures fins are designed to fit, because I’ve never heard of it. Should i try and sand down the fin until it fits? I’m not really sure what to do and don’t want to ruin the fin or box by jamming it, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks


I’ve sanded fins bases down so they can fit into the box better. Just go alittle at a time until it fits all the way with just a tad of resistance. You’ll be fine. Don’t touch the fin box though.

I think Chris has got it, rightcoaster. It’s not unusual and it’s an easy fix. I’ve found with the futures sometimes you need to take a little off of the front of the insert tab. Look closely to see where it is getting hung up. Take a bit off at a time until it goes in. I’ve taken too much off and then had to add a little. Mike