Fin Markers - Fad or Friendly

What is the fascination with fin markers for the deck? For longboards and funboards I can sort of understand, but recently I have been noticing them on shortboards and even fish. Are they being recommended mostly for those new to surfing, or do they have a practical use for everyone? Is a tail pad really just the same thing in respect to being able to feel where you are, or are people actually turning around and looking at their foot placement?

I have had the same question for years… I hate fin markers!

In FCS’s case, I can see why they do it–it’s their logo, so each sticker is one more low-profile advertisement.

Personally, I think they have no business on a longboard, as many longboard shapers really have elegance and beauty on their mind as they shape, tint, swirl, pin-line, etc. So why take a beautiful board and stick two or three FCS stickers on it???

I had a 9’5" noserider glassed at a local shop… came back perfectly, sun-yellow tint (whole board), red pin line, clean, classic, no logos, no laminates… and then two stupid FCS stickers on the deck… no class! And, whoever stuck them on didn’t align them to anything at all! Arghh…

Fin markers…?

FCS has those annoying stickers because the plug ruins the deck’s airbrush.

Red-X goes through the board and the little pads fill the holes and offer protection from the glassers who didn’t deburr the deck edges.

Fin markers???

Too funny. A guy told me that they are so you know where to put your feet. And he sincerely believed it. I don’t think he was leading me on.

fin markers are to show where to drive in the 20 penny nails to attatch the sky hook an imperative when attempting a double reverse rod knockand landing as the boadr will become disloged at the apex of the jump see Trans vesite surf pg 54-59 ,42 photo sequence of Dalven Camero ,top 47 in the longboard International surf Professionals at Cactus point … ambrose …taking progressive surfing to the limits…

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people still use fcs?

The glasser from a glass shop here in Portugal once told me that the purpose of fin markers is so that you don’t see the fin plugs through the thin foam that separates them from the fiberglass on the deck. It is obvious that they really do that but is that the real purpose of them?

EN ESPANOL SI ES VERDAD IN ENGLISH AMERICAN YES THAT IS THE TRUTH if you wish another more fantastic story It will take time to make up…ambrose…what ever kokua says is the quote from the fcs gospel of finology

dont use FCS but they look clear for the most part,and i think ive taken a few off boards,not too long long ago…dont really think they were covering anything in this case,just an add or something for looks i guess…the only thing it does for me is nothing.

Thought the purpose of the tail pad was to prevent getting knee dents, leading to delam, on the tail deck of your boardz.

Yes, knee dents, not caused by getting ON your knees, but caused by pushing off the tops of your knees while pushing with your arms to get up.

NOBODY can get up that quickly using ONLY their arms!

single fins or glass-ons…sticker problem solved.