Fin mold - Geert

Geert - the carbon fin looks great. Can you tell us some about how you made the mold for that? thanks, Eric J

Hi Eric, First you put relaese wax on the mailmodel(a new design or a stock fin), then you make an edg with plasticine so the resin dont run under the fin, then paint on a gelcoat and let cure, then lay up resin and glass(about 1/8"thick).Turn and remove the placticine, DO NOT remove the mail model, wax the model with relaese wax, lay up the oder site. after curing remove the mail model. You have too use a wig or screwdriver. When a compositesfactory make peaces they cut the layers with a laser. You can read more on this discussion. See the archive grretings,

Geert…What is plasticine and where did you get it?

Thanks Geert. Sounds simple when it’s explained properly. I’m feeling finny I think. Klein - (look under Release Agents) has ‘tooling clay’ which I’m pretty sure is the same stuff used by Geert (…but do correct me if I’m wrong please).

After you build the mold what do you inject into it and how do you inject it? Thanks, Frank

Hi, i lay up the both sides with glass or carbon, close the mould and press it together with a weight. I use 2layers carbon and milded carbon in the midle. the placticine is the same as modeling clay i think, you can find it in a school suplies store.