Fin Pin

Just curious and wanted to know what you fin makers use for a fin pin?




I use 3/16 brass rod from a hardware store. Just cut off the length you need, clean it up with a fine file and put it into the same size hole you drilled in the fin. You can use a drop of resin to hold it in if you want.


Howzit kjc, If you had posted this thresd yesterday I could have thrown in a couple of pins. Get in touch with Bahne/ Fins Unlimited, they sell the pins for about 25 cents apiece. A few years back I bought something like 50 of them but only have about 10 left.Aloha,Kokua

I’m bummed I didnt mention it earlier. Oh well, this will give me a change to get to know the folks there at Fins Unlimited.


A few days ago someone had posted that they just screw a screw through and grind off the ends. Seemed like a simple solution to me.

Brass brazing rod from a hardware store.

The real thing is called a “roll pin” and you ought to be able to get some if you can use the phone… I was given a bunch a long time ago… now where did they go…?

I like retired44’s idea the best. It’s the one I use.

No rusty ~ way inexpensive & more professional to my eye at least.

Mahalo, Rich

…i d use stainless steel rod or/and bronze rod, then cut it to the desire length…

Most hardward stores sell split roll pins of appropriate diameter, length, and width in the little ‘pull-out drawyers of stuff’ section.