fin placement (again)...

Hey guys - I’ve searched the archives and fin placement specs for standard tri-fin. Pulled up quite a few but they’re pretty old. Any changes out there?

Yeah John, Now thrusters can be adjustable!

How long and how much rocker, etc?

Standard for 3 fin shortboards are about 3.5" and 11". That’s to the trailing edge of the fins. The front fins are usually about 1" from the rail.

Have you seen the Jim Phillips Video? He talks about fin placement and presents some theory I hadn’t heard before. It’s expensive but well worth the duckets.

I was thinking of a general set up - Trying to follow up on a fin jig idea I saw at Diamond Dave’s place in San Luis Obispo. It’s a tool that allows easy fin layout. I went ahead with 1 1/4" from the rail. I’ll see if I can post it in the tools section.