Fin placement - for an 8'0"

Placing my fins on a 8’0" x 22 fun/LB shape, and want to do 2+1. A couple of boards that I like in this size range have their fins at 4" and 12" up, but they are thrusters. I see a lot of the archives mention going in the 5" and 14" range and reference mini LBs.

My board has a mini LB shape but I’m making for fun, small wave riding more than anything. Any thoughts on staying with the 4" / 12" as opposed to the further up? Does how I ride make a diff - forward or back?



A Bahne box with the trailing edge about 4 to 5 inches from the tail. You’ll be able to move the center as far aft or forward as you choose this way. Have a look at the board after it’s shaped hold a couple of different fins over the board and put it where you think it’ll give you the best ability to tune your board.

Mahalo, Rich

Of course, Rich knows his advice.

I’d like to add…if you are sure you are going to surf that board in small waves, moving the side fins farther forwards, like trailing edge 16-18 " from tip of tail, gives you the ability to turn from further forwards, allowing you to almost ride in trim and still control climb and drop.

But main thing is to match the template curve, the hips, at the area between your feet. Usually, center of most curve is a good spot to place your side fins.

Long box, either 10.5 or even the longer one, for the tail.

I like mini Bahne boxes, made by Chinnook Products, for the side boxes, as they can easily handle 7" fins, if capped and posted to the deck.

yep I agree center bottom towards the tail…dont sweat 1/16ths…ambrose… follow advice…spread responsibility