Fin Placement on a 10'6" Maverics Gun

Does anybody have a good idea on where to put a quad setup on a 10’6" gun? Im lost and would like to make this thing ride proper!

You can go off of McKee chart or look at some of Handshapers ( Robin Mair) guns in the resource section.

How wide is your tail?

On my old 10’4" with a 9&3/4 pin tail @12" with Jeff Clark formula Four fins I put the front fins @15" from the tail 1&1/4 from the rail and back fins @ 7.5" and1&1/8 from the rail.The front fins had about 1/2 my normal toe and the back fins maybe an 1/8-1/16. Go Probox and play arount with cant % and back and fourth movement. 

This is just my 2c, I am just an artistic garage hack.

Have fun!

show some pics Jake, i'd love to see it...

Ian, the rear fins were closer to the rail than the fronts?

dang, that pic looks so clean


[img_assist|nid=1053898|title=nsmavsgun|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=75|height=100]Here she is I cant find a pic of the quad setup on the bottom. And off the top of my head cant remember where we ended up setting the fins. Yellow resin tinted bottom with nice laps and no pins, finished it with a gloss and polish. (Its at hotcoat in the pic)