Fin placement on performance longboards?

Wondering what some of the experts on swaylocks are doing with fin placement and toe on hi-performance 2+1’s and thruster longboards. the last 5 l-b’s I’ve done have all been what I consider hi-performance (9’ 21.5" to 22" wide and 13.25" to 14" tails) boards with 2+1 set-ups FCS/center box. I’ve done a few with 1/8" toe and a couple with 1/4" toe. I’ve been putting the side fins 16.5" up and the box 6" up. I rode a friends board on a few waves today, he had a thruster set up (all FCS) and they were clustered like they would be on a shortboard, closer to the tail than what i’ve been doing. both set ups work well. any thoughts, ideas, insight. Aloha, 808 shapes

it sounds like you are figuring it out the best way. what are your thoughts on the diff. toe-ins?? 1/8" compared to the 1/4"

I havnt had a chance to ride the boards i’ve done with 1/4" toe, they’ve all been for friends of mine. Hopefully i’ll get chance to ride one of them soon to feel the difference. I just built myself another hi-per 9-0 (21.5 wide 17.5 nose 13.5 tail using the 9-5S centered) this time i’m setting the front fins at 13.5 inches with 3/16 toe and goin to use a short box for the center set at 4 inches up. I,m leaning toward a 2x4 deck and 1x4 bottom with a sanded finish. I’m a shortboarder most of the time so i’d like to be able to redirect my longboard as quickly as possible when going off the top or snapping off the foam out of roundhouse cutbacks. I’m also doing another 9-0 for a friend, i’m goin to set his fins at 14.5 up with the same toe and setting for the box (longbox). thanks for the input teddy, experimenting on my own equipement is the best way to figure things out after looking at whats working for other shapers and surfers and sampling there equipment. Aloha, 808 Shapes