Fin Placement

Wanted to see if someone could explain the differenance in performance (if any) if the side

fins on a thruster are kicked in .5"?

Recently got a new board and the fins measure at 1.5" from the rail - 11.5" tip to tip on the trailing edge, where as all on my other boards (same manufacturer, same fin set up, but different models) measure in at 1" and 12.5 tip to tip. Board dimensions are 6’8" x 20 1/8 with roughly a 14.5" tail (guessing didn’t measure) - Futures fin boxes. All other measurements (toe in/fore/aft) are on the money - Would like to understand what the performance dynamics are by having the fins closer or further from the rail…


do you mean that your fins are more clustered than usual? if so - it’ll probably mean greater manouverability and less drive.

if you mean toe in - then .5 " = way too much drag = feels like parking brake jammed on

No, canting/toe in is correct. Spacing of fins fore and aft is correct, just the side fins are

set 1" closer together than any other board I have. Everything else is perfect. I was told by the shop that perhaps that is where the shaper decided to set the fins - So will it just be quicker rail to rail??

yep - clustering fins = easier rail to rail but less drive