Fin placement

What is a starting point for a modern fish. 6’2x 16x 21.5x 16.5 I put my fin placement at 11 and 1 inch off the rail with 1/4 in toe in. the but crack on the fish is 3" deep. and the center fin placement is at 3.75. I used the future twinn finn set up with the smaller trailer fin, Did i do alright or are the side fins up to far?

I did a twinnie with a small stabilizer… I put the side fins at 9.25 and the trailer at about 3.75. It rides great with the trailer in, but without it it’s way to drifty and squirrly.

Do the Chipfish… put in another set of plugs to run with the trailer. Keep the plugs you put in in so you can ride it as a twin.