Fin placment

Hi ,on a tri fin short board for a above avrage yonug surfer what are your thoughts on placment ,Im looking at 3 and 3/8 on the center and 10 1/2 on the out side fins , , I would normaly go a bit futher foward on the outside fins around 11 and 1/2 , the board is 5 foot 2 , thanks for any thoughts ,what placement will give more drive ?

I believe (someone may correct me) the futher spred the more drive (straight line speed)

pull them closer together and you get more manuverability

A little board will probly be squirrelly no matter what

All is relivant as to your perspective, I ride a ten footer, go figure!

3 3/8" CENTER

10 1/2" FRONT FINS



yes, spreading the fins apart more will stabilize the board!

also placing the front fins deeper in from the rail will stabilize the board.

bring the back fin up towards the nose will increase the boards turning ability and clustering the front fins closer together will make the board more responsive and “loose”.

however, fin placement is specific to the board’s overall rocker, outline and thickness dimensions… so it’s difficult to make an accurate assessment of where your fins need positioning other than to say that using 4 ways will allow you to find the best position for your fins as it’s fully adjustable and thereby allowing u to get the most out of your board and surf conditions…

hope this helps

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