Fin plugs

Hello to all,

I’ve got to order the fin plugs for my new project. I’ve always used FCS but I’m thinking to test another fin type, what type do you think it’s the best?

Points to evaluate:



Impact resistance

Available fins



–Surf it, if it’s not flat surf it –



I have used FCS, Ofishl, Future, and Pro-box so far the best has been probox IMO.

PROBOX by far, the installation is effortless and straight forward and the plugs havent come loose after a lot of abuse.

They look the goods, great website too.

Anyone konow if they have a distributor in Oz


order straight from Hawaii…shipping isn’t much at all.

Thanks for the rcommendation, but what about the fins of this system?

can I use lokbox or FCS fins in this plugs? I think by the moment will be quite difficult to find this kind of fins in Spain.


FCS fins will fit ProBox with no adjustment necessary. Futures fins can fit the box, but you need to shave off part of the Futures base. Don’t know about LokBox, but i imagine that if they don’t fit naturally, they can be made to fit with some minor adjustments.