FIN poll

i was wondering what kind of fins everybody uses and what they think of my setup. i have a 6’0" matt kechele squish with FCS-CRV fins (the curved ones) and i love how they ride.

i also have an Al Merrick 6’8" MBB-4 shortboards (its almost a mini-gun) and i usually rock the FCS-SUNNY side fins with a FCS-OCCY center OR ill rock out the G-5 side fins with a G-3000 center

i wanted to know if anyone thinks lockbox or fcs or any other company (i cant think of any at the moment) is any good

thanx for the input!

i think Future makes the best removable fin system, without a doubt. for shorties, i’ve heard very good things about the Future Vector fins.

Red X is by far the best! IMHO:)



Can be fit in highly contoured bottoms without shaping around them

Great range of fins including 80/20 foils and Air Cells

I vote for adjustable systems - My favorite flavor being the Edge system for sides, and a good old bahne box in the center. The Edge’s toe adjustability combined with the bahne’s forward/aft adjustment just broaden a board’s range so much.



I divide fin systems into fins that can turn while you are surfing, and fins that don’t. Obviously the former class are far superior to the latter.

I use FCS, cause there easy to get over here, and have alot of variety.Josh.OZ.

I also use FCS - I find they are easy to install and there is a large variety of fins, easy to access in Oz. i also like the idea of adjusting fins (ie angle and front/back movement). I think this can be achieved with Lokbox. I would like to give their system a go one day - but have to save for their template etc. I haven’t yet seen any Lokbox in Oz so …one day, maybe.

4 Way Fins ystems,, Strong, adjustable, removeable. No BS, do the job, made ethically.

Lokbox will be available in OZ by next spring!

i prefer glass ons above all else. Removable systems I think futures are the best, and red X is right behind them, but I feel futures are a better fin system. Blakestah has a REALLY interesting concept with fins, and I’ve heard nothing but good things - but I’m hesitant to try them out.

FCS fins are just terrible once you get used to surfing glass ons or futures IMO. I never thought the difference would be highly noticeable, but it really is. Not only that, but I’ve had bad experience with their boxes and fins taking too much damage in larger surf. Variety and popularity is nice, but cant make up for the other fin systems being ahead of them.

Also, your Bahne fin box works well too, but hell - I was raised old school :stuck_out_tongue:



I have tried most but not all, back to using FCS or glass on’s. just easier for me…

I’ve only used futures, fcs, glass on’s, and o’fishl longboard boxes. Bear in mind that for the average schmo, with a lot of systems, you are investing in the whole system. Templates, fins, and maybe a router. The fins aren’t interchangeable. Plus you have to consider availability in your area. For me I make some of my own fins so I have to think if I can make a fin that will fit in the box. I think FCS are a bit easier to install but I like futures better for short boards, and making a fin is do-able. I don’t have that much variety to choose from in New Zealand. Even though there is no distributor here I found the futures guys very helpful and easy to deal with (unlike fcs). They have a good variety of fins and a solid system. Hope that helps.


Red-X…there’s nothing else that comes close.

I like the Edge fins too! I haven’t seen or tried the 4 way jobs,but I hear that they ripped off Edge for the box design??? Who knows.Herb

I’ve got 4wfs on my latest board. I set the fin dots to what I thought would be right. But when I tried the board, I realised the fins were to far back and toed too straight. Because I had the 4wfs, I was able to move everything up and toe the fins more. The board is magic now. Fins feel rock solid. If you are fooling around with different outlines and rockers and aren’t sure about fin placement, I’d go for 4wfs. I haven’t tried the Edge system but I think with a Redx box at the back you’d have the similar adjustibility. You wouldn’t be able to adjust splay but you’d have more travel for the rear fin with the Redx box.

I like the Edge fins too! I haven't seen or tried the 4 way jobs,but I hear that they ripped off Edge for the box design???????????????? Who knows.Herb

Actually, we went through this a month ago. 4wfs denies any copying. A cursory examination of the boxes - 4wfs allows the adjustability of Edge and then some more.

I haven’t tried or seen either. But last time around I re-posted Clyde’s accusation that 4wfs copied them…it seems most likely from looking at their web sites that 4wfs is, if anything, an extended and elaborated version of Edge, and certainly possibly developed in parallel, I don’t know. But they didn’t simply copy and pass it off as their own. And it is unclear there was design copying at all…

Will your system be available to the home builder?

I agree glass ons but if you can’t …

I’ve been really happy with speed fins. No tools and I’ve never had one fall out, which is what everyone asks.

Easy in easy out and good feel. I like the ease of use along with the feel.



Lokbox will be available in OZ by next spring!

Thats Very Kewl! We don’t have that much variety in OZ, its just Glass On, Single Box, Futures (sometimes), FCS, Speeed and a brand called C-Drive, + more, Come to think of it we do have alot of variety but Lokbox will be a good addition, PS…Will there be a good variety of lokbox fins/stock? or will it be limited?


Lokbox will offer our full range of fiberglass fins, plus custom templates as well as foils. Molded composite templates including a rusty, channel islands, and aercor template, and a molded bonzer template also. There will also be several RTM templates including an Erikawa, and YU. Combine that with the FCS adapter, and you have lots of variety.