Fin position advice

I know as of late, this is more of a movie/promotional-event forum, but I have a design question. I am making a shorter board I can knee paddle (8foot, little rocker, soft rails, 4+" thick) and I am desiring fin box advice in terms of distance from the tail of the board:

A) Twin keels

B) 10" single fin box

Board tail looks like this, and is 8-9" wide:

And I got these in the mail today (THANKS LARRY!):

And someday I’m going to get me a set of these for riding the board with twin keels:

Movie/promotional event forum ?

You got us all wrong P.A.L. !

I was speaking tongue in cheek regarding a certain thread (honestly one of the funniest I’ve seen on here) involving the future shipment of a certain type of boards from NZ to a certain island chain where they will be tested, and said testing will be filmed, and hopefully someday we will all get a copy, and a t-shirt. Although maybe you are speaking tongue in cheek too…(P.A.L… what is that)? If you were offended, all I can say is that I’m not as dumb as I look…though that might not be saying much.


P.A.L. = Personal Access Lane…for officials to use only.

Sorry 11ft.,I see your point.

As far as fins go …12-15" on the sidefins, from the tail to the trailing edge of the side fins. Center box up 5" from the tail.

It will be tough to get it to work in both a tri-fin and twin fin configuration w/o sinking a couple more boxes.Herb


No worries. Subtle tone doesn’t always come through well in the written form.

If I decide to go tri-fin, I’m convinced that I want to try Blakestah’s setup. But for now, I’ll be happy to be surfing it as a single, or a twin.

Many thanks for your input! 12-15" for the twins!!! Wow, that is a lot further than I was thinking. I guess I was thinking 6-8", based on distance from the tips of swallow tail fishes…but they are usually much shorter, so I could see why further up would make sense. Oh, and I don’t know s$%t, hence the desperate plea for help!


EDIT: Holy crap!!! I’m an idiot! That keel diagram should be 8", not 12"! I better change that!

That’s why I said it’s hard to get a combo twin / tri-fin set-up w/o added extra boxes.

For a twin set-up I’d go btwn 7.5" and 9".

And oh ya, no one person’s jokes (here and abroad)have backfired more than mine,trust me.

If you have and more Qs fire away.

BTW…Nice tail shape…if the rest of the board matches,it should ride nicely.Herb