Fin Rake ? for the Fin Guys - Tom, Rich etc...

Howzit guys? Quick one on fin rake for you: What are the disadvantages of minimizing the rake on the leading edge of a standard thruster set up? I am wondering if anyone has feedback on the impact of very little rake – just this side of vertical – in real conditions? Still working with that modified Star Fin… Thanks, Magoo P.S. Herb, I heard that Seal has some size. I may just brave the bacteria… M

Hi Magoo, Quick to turn, surf more off the rails, fins will relatively less holding power. More sensitive, relatively less drag and less drive. Mahalo, Rich

I have to agree with Rich, However Alot of our most vertical templates have more template area as well. So, you get some of the drive back. I imagine a box with the leading bottom edge of the fin as the lower right corner and the tip being tangent to the sides of the upper left corner. If the box is real wide the fins will track and drive more. As the box becomes narrow the fin will be more pivotty and produce less drive.