FIn Recommendations?

I ended up buying this used bing. Its 9’4", concave nose, tail kick, and a step deck. I would like to use it as a full time noserider. What do you guys recommend as a good fin for my needs? I get a bit baffled at the fin designs out there.


I have been looking at this one.


That Bing looks ripe for a Pivot.   The True Ames Heritage.  The big Rainbow 9.5"  Pivot  Fin. The Fins Unlimited Pivot, etc.


That board looks a lot nicer on the wooden floor.  Sure the colors will grow on you.   It will look good with a big red fin.

**For da #1 Noserider fin see**

I was looking at that tru ames last night. I guess i might have somewhat a clue in what I’m doing?

its interesting that the v-fin isnt more popular given the good reviews it gets. I’ll definitly try to find one. From what i see on the internet not much is bad about them excet if you surf in a kelpy beach.

My local shop is very generous in offering fin demos. So i’m anxious to get over there soon.


**Made 6ft vee fin during S. Andersons Tri fin revolution, rode board up and down CALI, Oahu and Maui.**

**Surfed well (never spun out). Didn't realize at the time, Dale had already done it and the noserider part just icing.**

**Kelp is the same only the V isn't as deep as the regular noserider fin.**



are they all the same size or do they offer differnt lengths? These arent easy to find. I found one on ebay so far.

**Try Fran @ **