Fin recs for 7'2" Gary Hanel performance egg

Hi Folks!

Looking for fin recs to fit this board.  I am 160lbs and am at the beginning phase of intermediate surfing.

Would like recs for single fin and also 2+1 setup.  I do like to experiment a bit.

Board came with SurfySurfy fins…3.25" side bites and a 8.5" center that appears to be a 4A template.  I’m thinking the center is oversized, even as a single.  More recently I’ve been riding the board as a single with that 8.5" fin at the very front of the box.  

Thank you for your recommendations!



Boy you spent some $$$.   Hope it propels you into “Pro” status.      7",  7 1/2" or 8"  with small sidebites will rip.  Rainbow’s “Rake” or “Azul” are good for such a configuration.  Mark Andrenni’s flex by Rainbow with a couple of small sidebites is excellent.   A board like this is not a “hull” so fins are not a solid hard choice to make the board work and far forward in the box is not necessarily a good choice.  If the box is only 5 1/2" or 6" forward of tail and you placed the fin midway in the box, turns would draw out and be a bit smoother.  As opposed to rail to rail.  A lot to play with on a board like this.  Smooth and drawn out a little more or "herkey-jerky rail to rail.   Depends on personal style of surfing and approach.  Lowel

Thanks for the feedback, McDing.  I will look into the fins you mentioned.  I need to measure the fin box location from the tail.  

More recently I have been getting better about back foot weighting.  I’ve been front foot heavy which has slowed me up a bit.  But even today, I experienced that herky jerky rail-to-rail you just mentioned.  Cranked a bottom turn too hard, and in an attempt to correct, I got thrown flat on my back as the wave broke over me.  New experience…good for learning.  Part of the reason I’ve had it to the front is 1) because the fin is a bit large for the board based on what I’ve read (great drive even up front), but 2) up until the last couple months I was not getting my weight back to facilitate turning.

Oh, and I did not spend some $$$ - got really lucky almost a year ago and found the board with only a couple minor heel dents…practically pristine…fins and bag included…$220.  It’s the only reason I have the board and I thought it would be a good step-down from a wave storm.   But now it seems a great board to grow into, especially after spending much more time on a longboard.  I also know I will never ever be close to pro.  =)

Still open to thoughts on a single fin.  A 8.5" 4A template too much for the board?

I would try to get in touch with Gary Hanel and ask him what he recommends. If the shaper can’t get you started with the right fins, I would never buy a board from that shaper.


I love my 9" GG 4A fins. I love the 9" size for singles and have several 4As, a 4C, Skip Frye, and various other singles in the 9" size. On the other hand a 9" Brewer is way too much fin for any board other than a Rhino Chaser.

Go somewhere that you can get to the beach and back out fast. Try the fin all the way up, all the way back, then in between. You’ll find the sweet spot. Add the side bites when the waves get bigger or more powerful.

What size are your boards?

Are you running 9" fins on board closer to 7’? 

After today’s experience - first time riding the board in a couple months as I’ve been on the longboard, and now 5 sessions on a 6’3" fish - I think I’m definitely moving the fin back a bit.  :slight_smile:


Well, I found he has a basic webpage on Tumblr.  I sent him an email.  Let’s see if I get a response.  That would be COOL!

Moving it back, draws it out.  Bigger curve etc.  What you said;  Measure the back of the box from the tail.  With the right fin, rake and Arc;  you can make that board do whatever you want.  You got a hell of a deal on that board.  Just keep playing with it.    Boards that size are harder to dial in than a longboard or a Fish. Good luck with it.  I think you will have a lot fun with that board.  Lowel

I have about 15 boards I rotate between, they go from from 5"6" up to 10’2", and all my boards from 7’ on are usually ridden as a single fin. I’m fond of the mid length egg variants, but I like a lot of very different kinds of boards. Most of the boards I’ve made are in threads here on Swaylocks.


I’m going to go in a different direction here and suggest that a stiffer and more upright fin that’s designed from the outset to be used in a 2+1 combo might be a better choice for a 160#  surfer on a midlength egg with a ~15" tail.

Surfboard fins are kind of like bicycle seats… lots to choose from and many individual preferences.  Best bet, as mentioned, is to purchase a couple and experiment.  Only you can decide what works best for you.  At the very least, maybe try your current side bites with something like a 6.5" center fin.  As a single fin, your 8.5" sounds like a decent fin to play around with in different positions.  

Exactly right.