Fin selection and placement 8' Colapintail

Ive been gifted some HWS plans from a generous member of swaylocks for my next project but before I start the board I’d like to make the fin. Simply because I have the materials and can lay it up whilst I’m set up for glassing my current project.

The big questions… Which fin should I choose? And where should i place it because it’s glass on.

The board is a 8’ HWS CJ Nelson Colapintail Midlength singlefin.

Will be for me and my wife, 80kg and 50kg.

The board will be for easy days, waist high tops. Bit of cruising and trying to get the thing to noseride.

check this and you will see that a single fin is really enough. I would put a fin box in, not a glassed on fin. Then you are free to change position and fin type. Although the original colapintail is 8’4", the 8’0 works great, its my most liked board in the moment; unfortunately my upcoming surf vacation may be cancelled due to the virus.

if you place a long US longboard box 5 inches from the tail, you have a lot of options!

Good luck with the build!

I like these fins - 1st one is an 8-4 rounded pintail, 2nd one is a 9 foot rounded pintail

That wall looks familiar.  Been a few.  Last time was probably about late 90’s.  Paskowitz was holed up in the parking lot with his wife and camper.  Got a bunch of good waves after sunset for an hour or so.  Was riding a 90’s Ike.  Got a lot of looks from some of the OG’s when I drug it out of the van.  They were old enough to remember the name.   Lowel