Fin Setup: Old HIC Twin

I picked up an old HIC twinnie a while back. Both the fins had been broken off and re-set at some point, and since one of them is a bit wonky already, I’m tempted to re-configure them a bit to try and make the board even more fun.

Currently, it’s got two sizeable raked fins (not keel-style), canted out but pointed straight ahead. (Not toed-in at all.) Does anybody know if this would have been the original setup?

My instincts tell me to cant them out and toe them in. Any comments on how this may affect the ride?

Any comments regarding the function or ‘ethics’ of adding a center stabilizer fin?

As far as how the thing rides, well, naturally it turns on a dime, but it can spin out some. Also, it tends to track and lose all its speed if you’re ever not turning. What I’d like to do is add some stability and momentum to this board, while retaining the fun, quick feel. Now is that possible? Worth it?

I used to ride twins exclusively in the early eighties and if i remember correctly they all had some degree of tow in. Not sure how much though.


95% chance it was towed in halfway to the nose stringer.

But I made a few dead straight, with diamond tails, and they worked well without cant or toe-in, and they had 7.5" fins. Depends on amount of tail rocker.