fin setup??

I shaped a 6’6 old school fish (20 1/2 in. wide) with a 70’s style swallow tail. I was wondering what type of fins should I put on it. Should I have a 2 + 1 setup with a fin box in the middle, a twin fin, a fin box alone, or a twinser set up??? I am in concern because my swallow tail goes about 3 1/2 in. back into the board. So I am looking for stability but not to much, just the right amount so its stable but still loose. Thank you to whoever puts in some input.

Hey Why not go two side bites with short Chinook/Bahne boxes, and one low box of the same make, to have interchangeability on fins. That way, you can go with just a 6" twin fin setup, a small 3.5" tail fin for bigger waves, a single 9" tail fin, or an 7" tail fin with 3.5 side bites.

Aloha Al, Sounds like stay old school and have Steve Lis build you some of his old style ply fins, they are well worth it!! glass them on just a bit more paralell with the stringer, this will give the board a little more stability in juicey surf. Or we at Edge Fins now offer a new addition to our fin system that allows us to build any template. Edge Fins can build you a glass twin fin and you can adjust the tow to accomadate the board or the surf. Ck out , Old School with a new school flair !! Mahalo, Have a great surf ! Clyde

Old school fish = two keel fins. Modest toe-ing and canting is optional (but will help the ride).

Al, I’d go with the keels,too. Rainbow and others make fiberglass keels. Better yet, make your own.

Howzit Clyde, we need to get together and take care of the bill for your last Lam order. Aloha, Kokua