fin setup?

I’m picking up a new 7’8" x 22" wide x 15" tail board this week. It has the tri fin boxed fins. It does have a slightly narrower nose than other boards like it though. What kind of fin setup do you guys like on these type of boards? Thanks

Don’t matter what I like, it only matters what you like.

My 7’9" x 22 is ridden 90% of the time with just two sidebites, both 6" deep. When it gets overhead, and my other boards aren’t with me, I stick a 4" single in the tail, and go out not expecting any great shakes.

If you want stability and speed trimming, go single.

If you want tail riding holding power, with big sweetspot, go tri.

If you want tail riding snap and quick turns, go twin.

Thanks LeeDD, Anyone else have suggestions on size of fins for a single fin plus smaller fins.(7" center and 3.5" sides?)Or 5.5" center and 4" sides? Probably best if I just experiment myself anyways! Thanks