Fin Solution Boxes

Trying to get ahold of some Fin Solution boxes and fins have had no luck with South Coast Foam they won’t return email. Alreay Talked to Dave Ferald via Email. Any other source for these boxes? Also I was given a Van Zantten surfboard I have never heard of this shaper before but it’s a nice shape anyone know where he is located and if they are still shaping? Thanks CG

Search the archives and you’ll find this thread: look for rabbit’s post and email address. Hope this helps. Rob Olliges

i was curious about them too. i got this info from southcoast foam - (they responded promptly to my emails)>>>To: Robert Morley >Subject: Re: finsolutions >Plugs are A$7.00 each,instillation is same as FCS. > A$35.00 includes fins and plugs,instillation gigs cost A$10.00 plus >postage.

Sounds kind of expensive.

sounds like a good deal to me… but than again, i dont know that much. A$35.00 is about $15.00 In US. I learn something new everyday here…

A$35.00 plus shipping X .69 (current exchange rate)=$24.15 plus freight. Still sounds kind of expensive to me. But, hey what do I know?

Mate, I’ve been using the fin solutions set up for a few boards now and find them very user friendly. I get them from FMS (fibreglass materials suppliers)in Newcastle, however I know that they get them delivered by the South Coast Rep. I only buy the plugs, then cut out and foil my own fins. If you don’t have any success get in touch via this site.

south coast will be in touch with you very soon.

Now would be a good time to tell us what a full set of RedX plugs and fins cost. regards, Håvard

HI Guys Sorry about Rob at Southcoast foam for not getting back to you. If you guys want some plugs and fin, E mail me and i will get some at mates rates. Let me know what color you want.Red, Blue,Yellow,Black,White. USA $0.69 THanks and be nice to each other. Peter

Harvard, I really didn’t mean to be antagonistic when I first posted. It was the end of the day and I hastily read the post stating the price. I missed the part about the A$. But, when fluffy came back with that’s about $15.00 U.S., I immediately became aware of my error. But, I could not let an exageration like his stand. In minimum quantities our boxes and composite fins retail at $24.00 U.S… Only slightly less than the price quoted for Fin Solutions. But, we have several local distribution points in key surf regions around the U.S., South America, Japan & Australia to avoid or minimze the freight charges. Sorry, Harvard up until last month we had them in Europe as well. But, we are currently looking for a new viable distribution channel for Europe. Price should not be the predominant factor in deciding which fin system to go with. And, I did not intend to be negative. It was just my knee jerk reaction to the earlier misread quoted price.

Tom, Thanks for the clarification. However, for some us garage people a router and jig setup is a lot more involved than the cordless drill we all have. It’s a matter of time, ease, money and, for now, the many leftover FCS fins laying around. Rob Olliges

Thanks Dave CG

Thanks everyone for the feeds!! I am looking forward to using the Fin Solutions boxes on my next board. CG Encinitas Ca,

sorry if i came off as arrogant, i didnt mean to. Tom, i recognized your mistake, and i thank you for correcting mine. Fin Solutions looks like a great idea, i may have it installed on a couple boards.

Tom, that’s ok. I think we’ve all been there, done that in some way or another. Right now, the availability of FCS fins is what keep me using them. I’m starting to see more and more boards with Red X in them, but the surfshops around here don’t carry them(yet). So any plug that will take an FCS fin and is strong then the original FCS plug seems like a good idea to me. regards, Håvard

Just to let you guys know, lokbox fin system offers an adapter called the “gripit”, that allows FCS fins to fit in the lokbox. It gives added base rigitity as the entire base of the fin is attached to the board. Available through rainbow fin company at or 831-728-2998