fin split

I have an old fin that a snagged on a rock a few months back, and it made a little chip in the tip i didn’t bother to fix. The fin has now started to split and delaminate down the middle. Is there any way to fix this?

…Thin some poly lam resin w/ styrene…

… Mix it up abit on the hot side,then inject the crack w/ the mix using a small syringe.Clamp the sides down using a bench vise or even a pair or two of “C” clamps …vise grips…whatever…JUST MAKE SURE…you pad the area off and don’t over pressure them, so is not to make more work for yourself.

As far as taping off goes okay…a cheaper way is to just wax the outer sides.

(Oh yeah superglue works for this application as well.)

(You can also do this with epoxy.Just heat the epoxy to thin.)

I’d flush the crack with solvent first, and if the split is big enough I would sand the insides a little to give the resin something to grab onto. Then do like Herb suggested.

If it isn’t glassed on go buy another one.