fin storage/racks

how do most of you store your fins? most just kind of have them stacked like books? anyone seen a nice product to store them safely?

In the surf shop, they just get tossed into a cardboard box under the counter… but, when I think about it, the little plastic rack gizmos they have for storing CDs in jewel cases would prolly be pretty nearly ideal. Or something similar you could make from a piece of cross-dadoed wood.

hope that’s of use


discarded foam or rail bands could work well; custom too!

I use high quality 30 pocket accordion folders, available at office supply outlets. A fin in every other pocket, alternate orientation. Smaller fin pairs fit together in one slot. For travel I made something similar from 1.5 mm high density foam sheets and duct tape-think U within U etc.-for 7 pockets. Had to fashion something less nifty for my Horan Starfin though.

Matt has the ultimate system…

Maybe Kirk can describe it best…???..