Fin systems for 2# EPS

What is everybody's preferred fin system for 2# EPS shortboards?  I will be making my first EPS boards in the coming weeks.  I have previously only worked with PU and I prefer the FCS system.  Will FCS work with 2# EPS?  Thanks for your help.

Any fin system will work.  What's important is how well you reinforce the surrounding area, and that you've got a system that won't leak (especially into EPS) if it's stressed too much.  Saying that, you probably don't want to use FCS on EPS, but a system that allows you to glass over a flange - LokBox or Future.  If you've already got a stash of FCS fins, you can use them in LokBox with an adapter (Grip-Its)

Getting water into an EPS board can take a while to get out - if ever (the residual salt in the foam wicks water from the atmosphere).  Best to play it safe. 

Good luck. 

Since you prefer FCS, they have a somewhat-new Fusion ''box'' that is a glass-over flange system designed for use in EPS.