Fin tabs and roll pins

Why do some fins have the roll pin in front and the screw tab in back while other fins have it the other way around?

I don’t know much about LB’s… but I noticed that when I was designing mine. My guess is that the pin side allows the fin to get a little closer to the front or back of the box. If you were trying to squeeze a little more out of your box, say to move a single all the way back, you would get the lock in the front… but I could be completely wrong.

I prefer the tab in front and rolled pin in back. I also use plastic tabs that break in half and free the screw if the fin hits anything. That way if my fin hits a rock the tab breaks and the fin lays back towards the tail. The fin and board are usually undamaged and I can afford another tab and screw. If the pin was in the front the impact may damage the box as the rolled pin gets yanked. I also find it more difficult to get an allen wrench or screwdriver into a screw that is in the back (basically inside the rear curve of the fin).

Mikey, Do you have any more info on this plastic tab setup. I haven’t heard of this before but am intrigued. Dee