final jeopardy category: nose riding

how far (officially) is a competition stripe from the nose?

i’m guessing 18", but not sure. can’t finish the graphics on my board until figure this out…thanks!


i change my answer to 24", anyone want to confirm this?

only thing I could find was 24" inches

that’s the same thing i found, thanks 4est.

25-33 percent of the total length is the nose.


the great FAVAD has SPO-KEN…

I was just in a compitition that used the following guidelines…

9’-9’5"- 22"

9’6"-9’11"- 24"

10’ and above 26"

I’ve been in them that they put the stripe at 24" on all the boards also.

Hope that helps.

So if you’re riding the first 25-33 percent of the board, that’s noseriding?

Usually 24" from the nose. In some contests though, pros are held to 18"


So if you’re riding the first 25-33 percent of the board, that’s noseriding?

that’s 30"-40" on a 10 footer…seems a little high. besides, i don’t think it REALLY counts unless you’ve got something hanging off the front of your board. i just like the look of the competition stripe.

at the beach fire infronna pete’s house

the distinction turned to ''getting on the tip…“”

nose riding like ‘‘longboarding’’

has been legislated by a panel of the likeminded

to become a thing on a tape measure,

until the overthrow of authority


all it takes to become an authority is to write a book.

ned buntline knew anything?

One of my own personal versions of nose riding was going over the falls, when my nose hit the water before the nose of the board, and me and my board rode straight to the bottom. I think my nose hit the bottom first, too. Does that count??

What about all those clips of Joel Tuder riding up front on those little Glass Slippers. I don’t know if that is nose riding but it’s badass surfing!