Final UV Gloss Coat Makes Fish Too Heavy

Looks really nice, though, but the board is definetly heavier. What can I do? Sand down this coat? Lose the weight?If so, to get a decent shine, go 220, 320, 420? Polish with rubbing compound?



you can do that if you want but I would ride it for awhile.You may like the added weight…gives you more drive eh?


Ride it bro! The boards I glass are all too heavy. They surf good, though. Help you get in on those hard offshore days.

If you take into account floor drippings, stuff still in the cup, resin still on the brush, you can’t have added more than 8oz to the whole board.

Whether the board is 7 lbs. or 7.65 lbs. is no matter, even if it weights 13 lbs. (hi Paul) it still can rip!

You’re ALL right. Yeah, I’ll take it out this weekend and see what’s up. And as we all know, Cali coastal winds

are always here until next fall and who needs a “cork?”

Thanks everyone,