Finally got to Order a custom Bonzer....stoked.

After many years of wondering and desiring, I finally got to order a Bonzer thanks to a tip off from Pointdog (cheers mate).

Seven O semi-gun thingy for pumping pointbreaks and G-land.

Tracked Malcolm Campbell down to Angourie and ordered the board over the phone. Malcolm was very relaxed, friendly and attentive.

He seemed to understand the brief perfectly : something that paddles well, eats up the territory at full speed on a bottom turn , lays over on a rail and rides the tube.

Very big thrill for me to talk to the bloke and get a board off him.

Thanks again for the tip-off Pointdog.


You won’t regret it.

I recently ripped out the quad setup from my 7’6" gun which I built with a convex bottom and double concaves running to flat thank to Bill Barnfields design help. I remade it as a Bonzer and It is unbelieveable fun now. I’m very stoked with it.

I have 2 Campbell Originals and they are magic.

Looking forward to hearing how it goes. But save it for a decent day for your first go. The magic only turns on when the wave is walling and you can lay it on a rail.

Don’t forget center fin placement is 1/4" overlap with the rear runners.

Stoked for ya mate.

I ride a bonzer, but one by MC is on my wish list , for sure.

I’m on my 3rd bonzer and still haven’t had a Campbell one. Can’t wait for the day they come to (continental) Europe!


I just bought a used bonzer performance shortboard shaped by Malcolm off a friend of mine, but was considering ordering an Octafish. Can you tell me how long the wait is for a custom order? Just wondering if it’s a few months or a year or over a year so I can plan ahead.

i have three MC bonzers currently, all magic boards, the best of the best for me.