finbox before laminating?

what are peoples opinions about when to install the finbox?

articles here mostly say to do it between lam coat and sand coat. i reckon it would be stronger to do it before glassing, then tape over the slot and glass right over top, trimming out the glass after it gels. are there problems with this?

also, my tail is about 1 3/16th thick at 5" from the end. should i sink the box in flush or leave some exposed and grind it off?

finally, i’m planning to drill through the box for a leash rope. is the tail too thin to do this and remain strong? is there a chance the box could be pulled through the deck (wife is just learning)? should i go with a loop?

thanks all, nicholas

Hi Nicolas,

Our standard method for installing the 10 inch box is after the sand coat (hotcoat) (unsanded).

No glassing over except in extreme cases like windsurfers.

We use the equipment supplied by Fins Unlimited and the hole for the box leaves just

enough space for two layers of 6 oz cloth. This cloth centers the box in the hole

quite well during potting.

Your depth should be around 1-1/16th depending upon rocker curvature so you most

likely will not cut through to the deck.

A shallow drill-through will not weaken the system. Pulling the box through the deck is highly

unlikely, figure the leash will break before that happens. Tip: add milled fibers to your

resin/pigment/cloth mix, this will leave the leash hole with more integrity. It doesn’t take much

milled fiber to do this; do not over-thicken. Use 1/32nd fiber or less, glass powder like

with FCS does fine.

Using the correct methods should make a super-strong result and it is very simple.

We have not seen a major failure of this box in over 10 years and never like the one

you describe, although it is possible…

Hope this Helps