finbox put in askew

so i put the finbox in askew and realized the board would not be perfect if the fin was not perfectly aligned with the stringer. its a 6’1" single fin egg by the way. so i was thinking of cutting off the bottom of the fin and filling the finbox with resin and then glassing the fin on to make it perfectly aligned with the stringer. is this a bad idea? also if anyone here has any tips to glassing the fin on over the box please let me know. any input is appreciated!

just re route out the box and drop a new one in-josh

unfortunately i dont own a router. is glassing on the best option?


Sounds like thats what you want to do anyway, so why not give it a go. But why would you ‘cut off the bottom of the fin and fill the finbox with resin’? And if no router, how’d you cut the hole for the box in the first place?


Maybe a utility knife carefully cut out around the box & fill cavity with foam or resin/qsil then glass on fin over?


Bud, it sounds like he has a fin for a box but is going to cut the base off so he can use it as a glass on... where are you located Quilldogg? maybe someone near you can let you borrow a router as that seems like your best bet.

ahhh, yes. now I see


yeah routing the box out seems the best way but if he’s bent on glassing over it… then maybe keep the fin in one piece, grind one inner side of the box so that the fin is aligned correctly, resin the bugger in there, then layup your rovings & glass up the sides. should be rock solid!

Are you joking , frickin stick the fin in and RIDE IT!!! see how it works. 

wow this forum is of great help. chrisp im in san francisco currently. and bud thats a great idea. i never thought about it. unfortunately the tools became available and i cut the fin already. ill be sure to update to let everyone know how it rides and post pics too.

ha! i'm across the bay, we could have done it with my router... anyways, let us know how it goes