Find Your Next Board...where?

Gee, thanks for the banner ad, but as of this time, nextboard® is still a work-in-progress…:wink:

Watch it your post might get deleted.

"Gee, thanks for the banner ad, but as of this time, nextboard® is still a work-in-progress…:wink: "


My next board is a work in progress too !!!

What’s your next board?


My next board is going to be a version of one of my first boards.

Psychological warfare

as applied to the harvest

of disposable income

pavlovian principles tapping into subconcious

desires created from contact mock enthusiasm

purvayed by actors and vested interests

with agendas transparent.

the old man,the career salesman,said it

out loud…dont take the test ride,

if you get em to lay their hands on it it’s 90% sold

read the blurp and the sale is activated ,actuated mybe not,

The science of advertizing

is not childs play

as the inventory reserve increases the

despair over market share increases

…prepare yourselves…

the ad campagin has just begun

the quest for numbers as in

units sold is going to be

an increasing imperative.

wait for the ad that says


with a swinging watch

or a spinning spiral…

dont read the ads

you are weaker than you might ever imagine.


the creative spirit within you must be nurtured

interchangable dupicates stifffle the creator within.

conformity uniformity ae the enemy of diversity.

That’s funny. I’ve learned over the past few days to scroll my screen down a little so I don’t have to watch

their loop over and over and over. That way I can do sways without getting an overdose of hype. But if I look

at it as ads for allangibbons, it’s much easier to take. Good luck with the nextboard!

I guess you should be glad they’re advertising for you, just make sure they don’t send you a bill.