Finding EPS Foam

Aloha, Maybe someone who uses this Forum can help me . I can’t find the EPS foam in my area. S. Florida. West Palm Beach. Plenty or XPS but no EPS any where near local… Any help here . Please…


lookup , give them a call. Ask them where the nearest plant is, call the plant and ask them where the nearest distributor is. I did this and found a distributor 10 miles away. Also, I got the distributor to arrange a 12’ billet from insulfoam. Expect about $2.50 -$3.00 per cubic foot. $150 netted 5 longboard blanks for me.

Good Luck,


Look in your phone book under insulation. There is a company in S. FL called Dyplast. If not there then call Insulfoam ( or Carpenter ( in Lakeland and ask for the S. FL distributor.