finFoil 3D export test file

Hi Guys,

I’m working on 3D export functionality for finFoil.

I exported a fin to STL already.

Can you guys give some feedback on this file:

  1. Is the resolution high enough or to high?
  2. Is it porperly formatted? (fully closed, ... )
  3. Is it good enough for your purposes?

Please note that this functionality is not available yet! I will release it later, but first need some feedback on this file.

Download the file here:

If you do not have a CAD application but still want to render this fin, drag this file (right-click SaveAs) into this web app:

The file is produced from the fin displayed below.


Below you can find some renders that I did.



Hello Hans-

The file looks great! The maching program I use saw the file as meters, so I scaled it to get a height of 10cm.  I will try to run one over the weekend.  This will significantly(!) reduce the amount of CAD time needed for designing fins. Your efforts are appreciated! -J


Yes I forgot to mention that the** fins will be exported in SI units (meters)**.

One thing that I’m concerned about is that the trailing edge would be to thin, but not sure how this should be fixed. Some people will want sharper trailing edges than others.

Hi Hans-

For the trailing edge concern, could you merge in or form a second STL shell that is the outline of the fin and give it a thickness of 1mm, extruded .5mm toward each of the foiled sides? It would make the edge stronger and easy enough to sand away if not desired.

Again, nice work on the output. -J

Here is Hans’ file, filleted out of  3/4" AC plywood. Yes, that is snow. The split was made at the XZ  plane after I added a Probox tab at the base.

Hans, the STL worked fine in two different softwares.  Thanks again for coding and sharing! -J



Nice, thanks for sharing!

I’m not sure if the fin is any good, I just made a somewhat complicated shape for testing purposes.

I still have some finishing work to do before I can publish this functionality, but it’s coming!


Brought the file directly into Cut3D and generated a cutting file from it. The scaling was out by 10x (too small), but this might be a Cut3D thing or cm/ mm. Easily fixed.

Looking good, Hans. Worth some $$.

Out of curiosity, what’s the application for that fin design? The size and high-volume top remind me of a modified squirrel-tail fin for a longboard - but the foil looks like it’s more pronounced on one side leading me to think this is a side fin… or is this just for testing the output?


Just curious

Just for testing the output ;).