finFoil online editor

Hi guys,


I’m proud to announce the release of the finFoil web editor:

Or directly to a 3D render:

Now you can edit, show and share your fin designs on any modern device!

You can share through URLs or even with a QR code to ship with your fins.


I’m invited on a booth on the ISPO trade show

So if you’re close to munich the 25th of january, you can probably meet me there!


Still working on version 1.1 for the desktop, but I hope to release it soon (like I’ve been saying for a long time).


Happy fin building, hope you like it!



Outstanding Hans! Thanks for the minimum thickness parameter, many trailing edges will be better because of this. Looking forward to the upgraded desktop version too.

Pics from finFoil (online edit, render), stl into Meshmixer to check dims, stl into MeshCAM to generate NC code, NC code test run in Cutview simulator.

Thanks for testing!

The online version is meant mainly for sharing 3D renders with others and quick changes, more than for designing fins from scratch.

I also want to keep the entry level low for it.

So the desktop version will remain the power user’s tool, and is coming soon with some more advanced features!