finFoil v1.1 for Mac (testers please)

Good news, thanks to some donors I was able to pay for a Mac build of finFoil.

But since I do not have a Mac, I am not able to test it.

Can you guys please test the dmg and report on it?

Make sure to test the STL export!


Please test finFoil-1.1.1-492.dmg here:


Unfortunately the lack of enough donations do not justify working on finFoil as much as I’d like to. So if you like it, please support the development.

Thanks to the donors that provided funding to get this Mac build out.



Gotta upgrade my OS first…

Nice that it gives a clear message on why the install won’t work.

same here ^


Once I upgraded install went smoothly. I had to loosen my security settings to allow an Application install from an unknown developer, but once I allowed that, no problems installing.

I grabbed an outline I have that Greg Griffin posted of his fins and used that as an image template and busted out the following fin in about 2 mins. Super intuitive and easy to use. This version feels even more refined than the last.

The grid zoom when you adjust the fin thickness seems weird. I need to play with it more to understand why the grid view changes as you increase/decrease the foil thickness.

This is just really quick feedback after playing with it for 10 mins. I’ll dive deeper into it and try and give a bit more constructive feedback at some point this week.

The Export STL is a really cool option, I’d like to play with that option and some 3D printing.