finished a different kind of project

Spent some time last winter rebuilding this flyfishing skiff in the shop.  16’ x 7’, beamy as hell.  New epoxy bottom, reinforced transom, pod seating, epoxy side hull stringers, fore/aft pyramid anchors, color fish finder, 4 coats of hull paint, beefed up the trailer, and a bunch of misc. stuff.  This week we should see the beginning for the spring run King salmon, looking forward to some camping and chasing trophy rainbows in the high mountain lakes this summer, and then soon it will be time for the bad ass fall run King’s.

 First pic is what it looked like parked alongside the good old boys place who I bought it from.  Been sitting for 15 years, ever since his Dad has passed.  Had been looking for this model skiff for the past couple years, an 84’ Clackacraft Power Drifter.  They were only built for 2 years before the company shifted focus to row only drift boats.