Finished first keel fins - thanks Rooster

Hi all, here are the keels for my fish. Thanks go to Rooster (Mike) and Plus One (George) for templates, advice and hints. Gonna glass them this weekend, - who knows - fish might be in the water this century.



Nice one AJ, looking foward to seeing what they look like when they have been glassed.

Cheers Woody,

they certainly will look better than the board they will go on!

Going to cover them with a thin coat of lam tomorrow and then glass them with 3 layers of 6oz per side (weight is not an issue and due to my erratic and ungainly surfing style, longevity is!) Ive got some glass rope to make the bead too.’ I’ll get a photo the process, and post em!

Take care


I noticed that the base is thinner than the body of the fin… wondered “whyinhelldidhedothat?” The it occurred to me that when the rope goes on there won’t be such a bulging fillet at the base. Maybe this is a good thing…

Not. The fillet is only a consequence of the need to distribute fin forces over a larger area. Thin bases glued nearly directly to the board may not have the area needed, and will crack under less stress.

Still might work though. Not yet sure if it’s a good idea or not. Go surf, prove me wrong.

good onya aids !

I look forward to seeing [?riding?] the finished board and keels soon ?



Thanks guys, and thanks for the advice Charlie - remember first keels. If they crack, i’ll grind em off and start again. Still who knows. I’ll let ya know.