Finished it!

Finished it a little while ago, waxing it now and surfing asap if the wind sits down. Hope it works. 

Congrats - looks great!

Looks good

Thanks for the positive feedback I appreciate it. What sucks is that while I was cleaning up and being a dumbass by being barefoot I buried a razor blade that I had just dropped in the heel of my right foot. Out of the water for at least 3-5 days even if I choose a plastic bag, duct tape, booty protection. Oh well I guess I have time to start planning for the next board.

You were close at 9 points, so I bumped you up one with an upvote, and voila! there you are, ten points and reply ready.  Bummer about the razor blade, we’ve all done dumb stuff at one time or another, make sure that baby doesn’t get infected!  “Planning for the next board”… yeah!  Thus begins the addiction, lol.

Great job. Is that a little concave in the nose?  Not easy to do with a triple stringer. 

All the best

Thank you for that Huck, it sure makes using the forum more enjoyable. I went to the doctors last night, no stitches just glue. I think I am going to wrap a plastic bag around my foot, duct tape it closed and use a booty so I can at least paddle it around, bad idea but I am jonesing bad.  

Next board: I used to have a Harbor “Spherical Revolver” that I loved but broke twice and threw it away. Heading in that direction.

Yeah, working with the triple stringer was challenging to say the least. I picked up several tips here on the forum including choosing a depth and removing the wood first then bringing the foam down to match. It can out real smooth.