Finishing #0002

I should glass it this weekend with any luck.




it’s the last of the sorry bubble blanks I have.

I thought I give the 5 fin a try

hard to see but I did the Eddie Van Halen paint job with Krylon H2O paint

I’ll post the finished product later.

Sometimes if you leave too much resin from your laminating job it’ll show up in your finished product. All you want to do is wet out the cloth and wrap the rails without leaving extra resin. Your finished laminating job should have the texture of the cloth only transparent. The cut lap is from taping off the surfboard where you want the cloth to wrap around the rail and finish on either the deck or the bottom. You then wait for the resin to gel and just before the resin cures you trim along the line you made with the tape. You might still see a little bit of the lap but that’s what pinstripes are for.

Man, sorry about that my post went to the wrong thread. Nice looking board by the way.

finished with #0002

turned out better than the first one. I’m still having problems with bubbles around the fin boxes and small dry spots but I’ll get those issues worked out I’m sure after I get a couple more under my belt.

The Glassing room…my wife loves it when I do it in the garage!!

bottom Done

1984 Eddie Van Halen Paint job

I went with the 5 fin set up Inspired By Drewtang, sorry to copy but when I did the quad set up it didn’t look right without the trailer fin so I put it in

I never relized how addictive board building could be. my wife keeps asking me how many boards I think I need.