Finless Bat

maybe we should do a board swap ??? you can make me something and I can create you a super fun slab of joy  ??? could be fun and interesting to see what we came up with, would make a great thread too.....

Let me get my 2 piece  thermo formed plastic board past the prototype stage and we will do a swap.


keen to hear from surfpac about where he is at with the finless bat board ?

Howzit guys,

I haven’t had a chance to ride my finless as I’ve been injured for the past few months. It was really fun riding it tho. You definitely need a good shoulder that doesn’t close out too quickly. And you want to get on your feet fast because the board tends to want to slide out as the wave lifts you up. Bottom turns have to be longer and more drawn out, which was not as natural for me riding shortboards cutting hard into the wave. I’ll get back on it and give u guys more ride reports once my ankle heals up.

looking forward to hearing more...ride report sound similar to what I know from riding my finless and semi-finless boards, it is almost a matter of getting used to having alot less control and goin with it, using the board differently and going to different parts of the wave, different and didnt injure yourself finless surfing did you ???   I have a few new niggling injuries that the different strain finless surfing causes...but still loving it and have had the cahnce to get some others to try it recently.....

Rest assured I didn’t hurt myself finless surfing. It was from fin full surfing. Took a late drop on a close out and the wave forced my knee to buckle inwards while my foot stayed planted. Result was my ankle going into positions it had no business doing.

Thinking about it, it is probably safer riding a finless because you have to be more conservative in the way you ride and choose your waves more carefully. Although being out of control might not be so safe for others in the water. But being out of control is fun!

Well if a guy says the channels don’t work well on finless what does? Just geussing in thinking a very flat bottom rocker so that one can use the rail in tail to act as a fin… Prob have to rework a template for a finless design I bet!? But the sound of being out of control sounds awsum! Wonder what it feels like!?! LOL