So I have to say thank you first, to all the inspiration from the Carl Olsen’s finless and others here on sways and to Derek Hynd; Musica Surfica also has played a big role in this board. Tom Wegener has also spread the fire with riding his Alaia board. Plus countless others…

6’4’’ 23’’ wide and 3’’ thick. Magic 8’’ egg template, without the tail.

Really likes going down the line trimming with nice long bottom turns;

only a few small days under the belt, looking forward to see how she goes in better surf.

Oh and huge thank you to Bob Miller for putting up with my antics and having the patience to shape this for me.

All comments would be very much appreciated, good or bad.




what do you expect to achieve with those bottom contours?



Very cool!

Inspiring. That is creating… How does it work? That makes me want to make one also-, but I think I would do the golf ball dimples on the bottom of the tail. I think that could create enough drag needed to keep the tail from drifting out.

Is that from this planet?

Got a few point waves this morning and really flies down the line. Parallel trimming with less drag and lots of speed!

I have been riding my Greg Liddle displacement hull without a fin; sliding drifting 360 spins…

Super fun but hard to control around sections and the wash.

So the bottom channels were not meant to act as “fins” per say; they were created to gain

some control with losing the slide or drift. In that it is way sticky compared to a finless hull.

Thinking about grinding the tips down a little bit for less bite.

Most of all it was made for fun!

Never seen any golf ball dimples on a board, how would that look?

any drag created by the dimples won’t necessarily aid in preventing lateral slip, right?



The dimple gig- on the tail.

Yeah, since the surfboard building class at the Surfing Heritage Foundation I have been thinking about another way to create drag with-out a fin, and looking at these pictures of the finless board, it makes me think: Dimples on the tail. I do not know the sure thing.

But lets discuss-, is there any previous record of this?

dimples preventing lateral slip? I doubt that. My guess would be it would change lift characteristics in the tail of the board moreso than directional stability. But introducing dimples I guess would create drag, so maybe. Try it and let us know.

This is just my guess, I know nothing really

Me either…

Try and have fun.

Inspirational photos (thanks to safe at sea blog)

So in no way am I claiming anything special or original with this board; just some experimentation.

I think Neil Purchase Jr. said something about seeing Hynd in Litmus and wanting to experience some of those things for himself.

Well in seeing Musica Surfica I wanted to experience some of those rides coming through my computer screen.

Now I am hooked…

The thread of “derek hynd width” had some pics of his new board, which when I had picked up that Surfers Journal

a few days earlier I decided to hack some of those channels into this board that I had first tried to put some channels in a few months ago.

Trying to duplicate the look of his board with the one I had been already started.

After grinding out the channels and a little bondo to fine tune, this is what I ended up with:

Bob Miller epoxy prototype diamond tail. Originally a single fin with quad option.

7’2’’ x 22 1/4 x 17 1/2 x 15 x 2 3/4

Center tail pan runs 28" up from the tail. 10’’ wide and 3/4 deep.

Inside rail channel runs 44’’ up from the tail. Goes upward of 3’’ wide and 3/8 deep.

Outside rail channel very mild version of inside.

Hopefully test ride this thing tomorrow…

nice one motif,

i know some people over here would refer to you as an ‘auld gouger’.

interest to hear how you get on with that.

…jeez in 1990 I built a board with a similar design, but with those outside channels not so large and less aggressives

I just finished with fins in that board

the board was 6´ or so and with a more pulled in nose template than this; laminated with 1 4oz per side and a very thin Hcoat sanded

Burford blank I remember

Actually, during the 80’s the Willis Bros. incorporated golfball sized dimples thruout the bottom of their boards. Best I can recall their explanation was the dimples disrupted the water flow “sucking” to the bottom of the board and increased board speed…obviously a concept that didn’t get much traction.

Missed this thread somehow first time around. Oh, i was in the wilds of Baja not computing. But WOW, mighty fine stuff Motif!!! Very inspirational…

Thanks for all the nice input.

Got a few small ones yesterday on the new epoxy, it works!

On the couple set waves was able to slide it around and some good deep bottom turns.

I believe the channel on the inside is going to work out really well;

most of the time on the other channel-bottom I am crouched really low

with all my weight on the back corner of the board.

For the first time was able to completely stand straight up, knees bent, trimming down the line.

Having that channel run that far up seems to really hold the whole inside rail into the wave face.

Now just waiting for some really good waves to see if it will work but, looks promising…