fins: 2 plus 1, math & ride

just a long time surfin’ freak looking for some insight into the geometry - like distances from rail, stringer and tail,and size and shape of sidebiters and center fin, etc.) of the 2 plus 1 fin longboard option and how it relates to the ride…what do we know?

Best way to realize geometry lines is to study a board that your familiar with, and simply take measurements right off the board and translate them into your vision. A 2 + 1 setup needs to be pumped and turned more to gain speed. If not, then they side bites cause drag, drag = bad. This setup is fine if that’s your riding style. Most of the Modern HP longboards employ this set-up. Though some may say that if it has more than one fin it “aint a longboard”. Plus a single fin, is a lot easier to shape. But I’m not a snob. I ride both tri’s and single fins. I Like both. Would reccomend having both.