Fins position mini simmons diamond tail

Hi Shapers,

I was wondering if the diamond tail has an effect on fins placement for a mini simmons. Should I take in consideration the diamond tail to put further the fins or would you still apply the magic number 3 /12’’ from the tail?




Although you beckoned “Shapers” to respond, and I’m not sure if I can claim that title, I think you should still “apply the Magic.”  As long as you can still reasonably install fin boxes or glass on some fins in that same spot.  This will depend on how “deep” your diamond tail is.  If your diamond reduces rail lenght by .5" or 1" then stick to 3.5" from tail.  If the diamond tail cuts in to the rail more than that then you will most likely have to scoot the fins up a bit.  I love diamond tails because they look freakin sweet!  I have no idea about if they actually affect the performance of the board.  My first ever surfboard had one so my love for them will never falter.  Good luck with your build and post some pics!


thanks for your reply. It takes some time to post, my pictures. Just shaped the foam, i am still wondering how to place correctly fins for my mini simmons as it has pronounced diamond tail. Check it out my picture

Not to be a poo-poo head, but the widepoint on the original Simmons from back in the day and the more contemporary mini-Simms was several inches behind center.  Turning one meant getting your rear foot all the way on the back of the tail block.  The surfer’s stance would be centered over that widepoint.     Your template will certainly surf, but with the wide point a little more forward it might change the pivot point some.   Or not.   

Depending on the keel or fin template you’re using you may want to move it forward slightly.  Or not.    

I’ve had 3 mini simmons and borrowed 2. The best one had the wide point back, single to double concave and twin keel. The ones I didn’t like so much had flat to concave bottom, flat all through and all were wide point centre. Although I’m still not completely sure I think the wide point back was the main reason why I liked the best one. I think this because the only other board I’ve tried that many variations of is the fish and generally the fish were centre or slight wide point forward and I while I can see how it fits some people I found that these fish didn’t suit my style so well. 

As a result, I’m favouring wide point back for me personally. I think it encourages me to use my back foot which, I’ve read, is a good thing. 

Yours faithfully,

Poohead #2