fins unlimited insert for FCS fins

Any of you tried it ?

I have fin boxes in four of my single fins, and have three big glass on single fins I’ve removed from dumpster boards. I want to FCS tab them , and using the fcs made insert for fin boxes, use these fins in my single fin boards.

I’d like to know how strong these inserts ARE, as if they’re good, I’d like to buy a few

            thanks for any help from people who have used them ! 


Hi Chip

I got one last year good idea. Only problem is the way that the fin fixes in to the insert. I lent the fin set up to a mate and the insert cracked whilst surfing and he lost the fin!!

I don’t know if this is a common problem.

cheers joe

gee, that’s a bit of a worry eh ?!

I haven’t really had a close look at them yet. I hope the local surf shop still has them, I’ll take a board in and try fitting them first, having heard that!

Was that with a big fin ? Mine are fibreglass , and at least 7" + , so I don’t think I’d like to lose them !! [So, I think I’ll make some cheaper wood and glass ones to test it out first!]

Where abouts did the insert actually crack…at the front , the back, or the sides ? [just curious, so I can check this one in the shop, if they’ve still got it, that is!!]

    thanks for that info Joe 


Just out of curiosity, why would you want to FCS tab those previously glassed on fins? If you’re going to add FCS type tabs, why not just go the full monty and make them work as-is in the box?

That’s actually the other thing / plan B I’m considering, waxfoot…IF the inserts ARE too weak for the fins to stay attached in the box, I need to learn / know how to attach a tab to the fin so I can screw it into the fins unlimited finbox [equivalent, “multifins” in oz]

Or better still, build up / mould? a base below it, so I don’t lose any of the fins’ existing depth[s]

Oh yes, the other reason is I already have six F.C.S. tabbed single fins from earlier on, which I used on other boards that had back fin FCS plugs [usually 3 or 4 plugs, so I could move the back fin as needed]

       ... hope this explains it  

            cheers ! 


Darn it, I know there was a thread around here somewheres explaining how to do the fin tab thing… Seemed to remember it was Paul Jensen’s work, so checked his site. It’s about 1/2 way down on the “fins” page, topic of “Fin Thing”. Here’s the link: I still swear there was a thread somewhere in the archives giving a better, in-depth description of the process and all, but I couldn’t seem to find it.

I understand why you were thinking of FCS-tabbing the fins now, I think… I always wondered what happened to the multi-plug FCS longboard fin idea… Saw it around for a bit, then it vanished. Not quite as much adjustment as the Bahne/Fins Unlmtd box I guess. I still figure if it were me I would probably try to turn those ‘new’ fins of yours into box fins and get the adapter for the others. If you’re going to FCS-tab those new fins, it seems like it shouldn’t be much harder to just make them standard box fins. How were you planning to tab them? Add the tab to the bottom or just cut the excess material from the bottom of the fins to make the tabs? I’m not exactly sure how I would go about adding a base below the fin. You might try Halcyon for that one…

Good luck…

thanks for the info mate!

Yes, I will just cut the existing fin… lose about 1/2" depth. This will be okay on the [attachment] multicoloured one …it’s 8"d x 5"b x 2 1/2" rake, as is ! That white gunk on it is a ‘spackle’, I think…the board I pulled it out of had this kind of stuff under the 'paint ’ job and glass…so, could I have now seen my first 70’s epoxy board, I wonder ?? [it was literally coming apart at the ‘seam[s]’


ps- yes, I’ll have to check about moulding bases onto existing fins. I have a few smaller fins that could do with deepening for fin box use. [Plus, when lokbox arrives here in australia, I’d like to be able to ‘cant’ bonzer runners I make to fit the system.

Bert ? Halcyon ? others who have done the moulding thing ? love to hear from you…I’ll look under fins in the archives too…better do my homework/research!

Hey Ben - seems like if you’re willing to cut the base of the fin to make the tabs and lose 1/2 inch, you might as well just add the front tab to make it a box fin - think it’d work out to be about the same… You’d probably have to build up a few layers at the base of the fin to make it square so it would fit into the box snugly, but that shouldn’t be too big a deal. Seems like it might give you a bit more versatility… Though I can easily see how cutting it for tabs would be loads quicker/easier.

That ‘spackle’ looking stuff is interesting… esp. that it was under the glass… Wonder if someone tried to repair the board with spackle as opposed to q-cell… Really looks like it was glopped onto the fin. What a mess!

I’d better go find that thread that Bert had about making his fins. and add the info and pictures to my little ‘info file’. I hope to give it a go one of these days… Gotta love this site…

Now, the question I REALLY want answered …

Waxfoot, is that avatar YOU ?

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